Copy of French Macarons

Our macarons are a special way of showing your appreciation for your guests celebrating your special day with you. Each sweet indulgence confectionery  can be made in full-size or miniature size individually packaged or elegantly packaged favour boxes.


You may wish to present your macarons favours in a clear box, glass jars, mini domes, paper box or clear cello bag with a personalized ribbon or tags. We are happy to offer the delightful favours elegantly packaged to fit the theme of your event. 


Macaron Prices

Single French Macaron 2.75 each
Box of 6 Macarons $16.75 
12 Boxed Macarons Piece  $32.75

20 Boxed Macarons Piece  $52.75

Each flavour is unique and can be customized based on your event needs in terms of design, packaging and colours.


Ferrero Rocher ( Chocolate)
Chocolate Dulce De Leche (two tone Chocolate and Caramel) 
Mango Passionfruit (Yellow & Fuchsia)
Lemon Coconut (Popping Yellow)
Raspberry Champagne ( Mauve and Pink)
Salted Caramel (Caramel)
Green Tea ( Light Green)
Earl Grey Peach (Peach)
Chai Tea (Purple )
Strawberry Rose (Blush)
Bailey's Chocolate (Pastel Blue)
Pistachio (Moss Green)
Coconut (Lilac)
Apple Pie (Red)
Cookies & Cream (Aqua)
Cappuccino (Grey)
Lemon Raspberry (Two Tone Yellow and Red)
Cotton Candy (Pastel Pink and Blue)
Mint Dark Chocolate (Mint Green)
Pina Colada (Peach)
Vanilla Sprinkle (White with Pastel sprinkles)
Rose (Pink)
Berrylicious! (Blueberry)
Raisin & Rum ( Surprise Colour)