Dreamy White Christmas Cake
Dreamy White Christmas Cake

Dreamy White Christmas Cake

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Surprise your family and friends with our Dreamy White Christmas Tree cake. We have curated this perfect edible holiday centerpiece for your celebrations. Our White Christmas tree cake is the perfect cake for your event. Our cake is covered in a Swiss meringue buttercream and adorned in chocolate ornaments , topped with a fondant glittery star. Customize base colour. Ornament colours cannot be customized.  You can request any ion our signature cake flavours by leaving notes prior to checkout. 36 hours notice required for this product. 



Vanilla Bueno ( Light vanilla bean sponge cake is filled with bueno cream and crushed bueno chocolate) 

Black Forest  ( Decedant chocolate cake is brushed with cherry liquor , filled with rich cherry compote, cherry whipped cream and a ganache drizzle. ) CONTAINS ALCOHOL. 

Tiramisu ( Light vanilla cake is filled with whipped ambassador cream and topped with coffee soaked lady fingers and dusted with cocoa powder)

Ferrero Rocher ( Our decedant chocolate cake is filled with Nutella cream, topped with crushed Ferrero Rocher and Nutella drizzle)

Chocolate Bailey’s ( Moist chocolate cake is brushes with Bailey’s cream, filled with Irish cream flavoured chantilly, topped with skor and caramel drizzle ) CONTAINS ALCOHOL 

NEAPOLITAN (Vanilla and chocolate cake is filled with strawberry compote and topped with strawberry chantilly cream)

Can't find a flavour you like, request a flavour by leaving notes in the "Message Box" prior to checkout.