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12 Macaron Sleeve Gift Box

12 Macaron Sleeve Gift Box

Regular price $40.00
Our macarons are a special way of showing your appreciation for your guests celebrating your special day with you. Each sweet indulgence confectionery  is tied in a blush ribbon. Add a special note or tag for a more personalized touch.
Box of 6 Macarons $25 
12 Boxed Macarons Piece  $40
20 Boxed Macarons Piece  $55
Each flavour is unique and can be customized based on your event needs in terms of design, packaging and colours.

Strawberry - (Blush)

Raspberry Champagne - ( Purple)

Rose ( Rose Pink)

Cotton candy ( Lilac with Sprinkles)

Cherry( Pink with Fuchsia Sprinkles)

Mango Passionfruit ( Yellow with Pink Sprinkles)

Chocolate Mini Eggs ( Tan)

Birthday Cake ( Blue)

Blueberry Lemon ( Orange)

Vanilla ( White Sprinkles)

Ferrer Rocher ( Chocolate)

Coconut (Green)

Salted Caramel ( Light Brown)