Holiday Vintage
Holiday Vintage

Holiday Vintage

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Enjoy the holidays with our beautiful red and white striped cake with vintage style buttercream piping with Christmas vibes  

3 Layered Cake
(6" Mini) 8-10 Servings

6 Layered Cake
(6”) 15-18 Servings 
(7”) 22-25 Servings 
(8”) 30-36 Servings 


Vanilla Bueno ( Light vanilla bean sponge cake is filled with bueno cream and crushed bueno chocolate) 

Black Forest  ( Decedant chocolate cake is brushed with cherry liquor , filled with rich cherry compote, cherry whipped cream and a ganache drizzle. ) CONTAINS ALCOHOL. 

Tiramisu ( Light vanilla cake is filled with whipped ambassador cream and topped with coffee soaked lady fingers and dusted with cocoa powder)

Ferrero Rocher ( Our decedant chocolate cake is filled with Nutella cream, topped with crushed Ferrero Rocher and Nutella drizzle)

Chocolate Bailey’s ( Moist chocolate cake is brushes with Bailey’s cream, filled with Irish cream flavoured chantilly, topped with skor and caramel drizzle ) CONTAINS ALCOHOL 

NEAPOLITAN (Vanilla and chocolate cake is filled with strawberry compote and topped with strawberry chantilly cream)